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Los Angeles Waves Netball ~ Uniforms


Waves uniforms can be borrowed at no charge by club members (who are current with their club fees) for Waves Sanctioned tournaments i.e., tournaments where ALL Waves players have a chance to try out for a team entered in the tournament (final decisions on squads being made by the coaching and management of the Waves Netball Club). Those who are not up to date with their fees, will be charged a $5 fee to rent a uniform.

For non-sanctioned tournaments a security deposit of $50 must be paid for all uniform rentals. From this security deposit, a $5 per day rental fee will be charged to current Waves members (i.e., those whose membership fees are up to date). Non-members, or members who have not paid their fees will be charged $10 a day rental fee. Uniforms will not be rented to current Waves members at the reduced rate if they have their own uniform.

All uniforms loaned or rented must be cleaned before being returned to the club, and must be returned in a timely fashion. Failure to do either will result in the non-return of the security deposit.