Fees are paid on an annual basis and are paid at the beginning of each year. Fees paid January 22 are valid through December 17, 2022. Annual fees are due at the third training of the year after the holiday break. There are midyear membership fees for members joining partway through the calendar year. Before purchasing membership, stop by one of our practices for a free netball session.

Membership Fees are valid January 22, 2022 – December 17, 2022

$150.00 – Full-year Membership (18+)

$250.00 – Family rate (two or more 18+ members)

$75.00 – Mid-year Membership (18+)

$100.00 – College rate (must be full-time student currently enrolled at an accredited college)

Under 18 (U18) – FREE

Membership fees cover but are not limited to:

  • Insurance liability per individual player
  • Tournament equipment, posts, canopies, tables, trophies, spare uniforms, patch bibs, etc.
  • Practice equipment, balls, ball pump, bibs, first aid kit, ice packs, etc.
  • Club website hosting and maintenance
  • Printing and postage for promotional events
  • Hosted tournaments

Please note tournaments not hosted by Waves will usually require members to pay for their own registration and travel costs. IF club fundraisers are arranged to offset these costs, those funds will be used to offset registration fees first.

Membership fees are kept at an absolute minimum. We could not flourish as a club without all the time our committee members donate to the club. We also hold a variety of fundraising events throughout the year to cover any additional costs we incur to purchase any large equipment.